Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shrimp Risotto

Friday is fish day now that the Lenten season is upon us. Here is a great recipe that you can do for the family on Friday night. Don't just save this for Lent, however, it looks great anytime.

I had never done a risotto before, but I found the recipe easy and the results were excellent! As usual, I have taken the recipe that is referenced and made it my own by changing a few things. First, I replaced the clam juice with oriental fish sauce. It is a great substitution and you will only notice a deeper and richer seafood flavor. It is optional, of course, you really do not need either the clam juice or the fish sauce. Second, I fixed the ingredient list, adding the Parmesan cheese that is called for in the directions but not listed in the original ingredients. Lastly, I call for you to add the broth in 3 additions instead of two. I think it makes the cooking a little more controlled and easier to manage.