Wednesday, December 7, 2016

3D Printed Leg Cookie Cutter

This is where a couple of my hobbies have come together in a unique way.

My daughter pointed out a recipe for a Christmas cookie that resembles the famous lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story".

In the recipe, (here) they provide a link to a stencil to use when cutting out the leg shapes for the cookies.

That struck me as something that could be done better with a cookie cutter. Since I recently acquired a 3D printer and have gained some very modest 3D modelling skills, I thought I could make a cookie cutter that filled the bill - it is the exact same size and shape as the stencil that is provided in the recipe.

Here is what I came up with:

And as a gift to you, here is the 3D model so that you can print out a cookie cutter too!

Leg Cookie Cutter.STL

Here is the link to it on : Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Or if you want to simply buy two already printed, visit my Etsy shop and order one! Click -> HERE

Happy Holidays!



  1. so awesome! is it the same exact size as the delish template? can i pay you to make and send me one?

    1. Sorry I did not see your comment until now. Yes it is the exact same size. I can drop one in the mail for you, but I am afraid it will not get there until after Christmas. Send your address to matthew.c.sargent at gmail dot com.

  2. Hi all, I have gotten a few requests for the cutters and so I will probably setup a shop or something to make it easier to get them out to you all. I will post a location when I get it done. In the meantime, here is a video of my printing printing off a couple of the cutters.

  3. OK, I have created an Etsy shop. No idea if anyone will want anymore of this, but here it is. I am open to comments as I have no idea on the pricing.

  4. I had to order this. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Marianna! I would love a snapshop of the complete cookies you make! Matt